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Vietnam Medal (REPLICA)

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Vietnam Medal
The Vietnam Medal recognises members of the Australian armed forces and members of accredited philanthropic organisations serving in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
About the award
The Vietnam Medal was established by Royal Warrant on 8 June 1968 and counter signed by the Prime Minister.
It is one of two medals primarily for Australian service personnel created within the British system of honours.
The Australian system of honours and awards was officially established in February 1975. The Vietnam Medal is now considered the second medal of the Australian system.
The first medal was the Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 established in 1949. This medal recognises service by Australia’s armed forces and Volunteer Defence Corps during World War II.
How it is awarded
Personnel who qualify for the Vietnam Medal can apply through the Directorate of Honours and Awards at the Department of Defence.
Service for the Vietnam Medal is recognised between 29 May 1964 and 27 January 1973. There are also criteria for qualifying service.
There is no post-nominal entitlement for this medal.
Personnel who have received the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal cannot hold the Vietnam Medal.
Medal design
The Vietnam Medal is a circular medal made of nickel-silver. The obverse bears the crowned effigy of The Queen with the inscription ‘Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina F.D.’ The reverse of the medal has the word ‘Vietnam’ at the top centre above a depiction of a man standing between two symbolic spheres.
Medal ribbon
The medal ribbon is yellow stripes of South Vietnam in the centre. The ribbon also has a blue stripe to represent the Navy, two red stripes for the Army and a light blue stripe for the Air Force.