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International Force East Timor Medal (REPLICA)

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International Force East Timor Medal
The International Force East Timor (INTERFET) Medal recognises members of the Australian Defence Force who served in East Timor during the INTERFET campaign 16 September 1999 – 10 April 2000).
About the award
The events leading to the independence of our neighbour, East Timor, touched Australians deeply.
The service by Australian personnel in East Timor was Australia’s most significant commitment of troops since World War II. Australia led the INTERFET coalition of 17 nations, and the leadership and courage of participating personnel will long be remembered.
On 7 March 2000, the Prime Minister the Hon. John Howard MP, announced the establishment of a specific campaign medal to honour members of the Australian Defence Force in East Timor.
Australia has invited other nations, which contributed personnel to INTERFET, to honour their defence force members with the International Force East Timor Medal. This is the first time an Australian medal has been extended in this way.
The International Force East Timor Medal was formally introduced by Letters Patent on 25 March 2000.
How it is awarded
The Governor-General awards the International Force East Timor Medal on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Force or his/her delegate.
Defence Force personnel who served for 30 days or more, or completed 30 sorties, during the operation are eligible.
Medal design
The medal design depicts the outline of a dove holding an olive branch, as a symbol of peace. This outline is raised in polished white silver and is superimposed on a textured map of East Timor and Territories.
‘International Force East Timor’ is inscribed on the inside of the medal rim. The medal reverse features the wording ‘Together as One for Peace in East Timor’.
The nickel silver medal is surmounted by a connector piece, which features a raised Federation Star.

Medal ribbon
The 32 millimetre-wide ribbon has a central red stripe, which represents the turbulent past of East Timor. This is flanked on either side by a green band symbolising renewal of a nation. In turn, these stripes are bordered by a white band for peace and finally by bands of light blue.