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Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 (REPLICA)

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Australian Service Medal 1939-1945
The Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 recognises service by Australia’s armed forces and Volunteer Defence Corps during World War II.
It was the first distinctive Australian medal in the Imperial system of honours and awards.
About the award
King George VI created the Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 by Royal Warrant in November 1949. The medal was for service by Australians during World War II.
Australians also qualified for British medals and campaign stars.
The qualifying period of service for the Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 is 30 days for full-time service and 90 days for part-time service.
The Australian Service Medal 1945-1975 is awarded for service in the 30-year period following World War II. The Australian Service Medal is awarded for service after February 1975.
How it is awarded
The Governor-General awards the Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Force or their delegate.
For an application form write to:
Directorate of Honours and Awards
Department of Defence
Or phone the free-call number: 1800 111 321
There is no post-nominal entitlement for this medal.
Medal design
The Australia Service Medal 1939-1945 is a circular nickel-silver medal. The obverse bears the Crown Effigy of the Sovereign.
The reverse of the medal shows the Commonwealth Coat of Arms surrounded by the words ‘Australia Service Medal 1939-1945’.
Medal ribbon
The medal ribbon has a central khaki stripe flanked by red stripes. One edge has a dark blue stripe and the other edge has a light blue stripe.